9/11: Resume of events from 21 May to 6 June 2003

• Numerous American personalities, including 2 important democratic senators (Bob Graham and Jospeh Lieberman) accuse the Bush Administration of doing everything in its power to prevent the proper functioning of the investigation into 11th of September by the American Congress. They demand the formation of a truly independent parliamentary commission with large investigative powers (The Washington Post – 26 May) ;

• The White House wishes to prohibit the publication of a report drafted by the joint commission of Congress investigating the events of the 11th of September and refuses to declassify the document that was drafted over 6 months ago by the commission. The most sensitive elements which the Bush Administration does not wish to see published concern, according to Newsweek, the following points : the information given to George Bush before the attacks by the US information services and the ties existing between the heads of Saudi Arabia and the Al Qaeda network (Newsweek – 2 May ; The Daily Times – 27 May) ;

• A propaganda film placing George Bush in the spotlight has been released, which aims at confirming the image of a president courageously dealing with the events of 11th of September (The Globe and Mail – 28 May) ;

• 75% of the families of the victims of September 11th have not yet chosen between the two options (each in exclusion of the other) offered by the Bush administration concerning the reparation of damages : to be indemnified and renounce all judicial action or to sue the airlines, the city of New York, the American authorities, and the Bush government (Center Daily – 30 May) ;

• A report of the American Department of Justice has concluded that the federal authorities had detained hundreds of immigrants after the September 11th for abnormally long periods and concerning persons who did not have any obvious links with terrorist activities (The Washington Post- 2 June) ; these detentions were illegal : the detained were not warned of the charges held against them ; a number of them did not have the right to see a lawyer and their families were not informed of their detention (Human Rights Watch – 3 June) ;

• The incapacity of the army to defend the skies of New York and Washington raises numerous questions. A troubling investigation by Paul Thompson puts into question the official version of events which highlights incompetence and bad luck to explain the failures of the military security on September 11th. (Center For Cooperative Research – 2 June).

July 10th, 2003, by L’Idiot du Village

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