9/11: Resume of Events from 27 October to 27 November 2003

• Eminent American senators (including Democrate Joseph I. Lieberman, and Republicain John McCain) have requested that the White House cooperate more actively with the Congessional Commission investigating the September 11th terrorist attacks. They have asked the White House to provide the Commission with the entirety of the documents that have been requested, including numerous documents classified as « military secrets » by the White House (‘Senators Call On White House To Share Records With 9/11 Panel’, By Cecil Connolly from The Washington Post, Monday 27 October 2003 in the L’Idiot). Thomas Kean, the president of the Commission, has theatened to subpoena the White House if it continues not cooperating and refuses access to documents that it has classified as « military secrets » the day after September 11th (‘9/11 inquiry may subpoena White House’, by Suzanne Goldenberg from The Guardian, Monday 27 October 2003 in L`Idiot) ;

• Did the Israeli secret service have knowledge of the September 11th terrorist attacks several months before they occured ? Five Isrealis apparently working for the Mossad (Israeli secret service) were caught filming the attacks on September 11th with a video camera, seemingly joyful about the event. A box cutter and 4,700 dollars were found in their vehicle. After having been interrogated by the FBI and locked up for several weeks, they were expelled to Israel. The article provides troubling details of this affair (‘Five Israelis were seen filming as jet liners ploughed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001’, by Neil Mackay from The Sunday Herald -UK-, Monday 3 November 2003 in L’Idiot) ;

• The Congressional Commission and the White House have concluded an agreement relating to the disclosure of documents classified as « military secrets » (Presidential Daily Briefs) requested by the Commission nearly a year and a half ago (in particular the document given to George Bush on 6 August 2001 relating to the risk of a terrorist attack on American soil with the help of hijaked planes organised by Ben Laden). According to someone who is familar with this secret agreement, only 4 members of the Commission will be given partial access to the controversial documents ; these members will not be autorised to make any statement relating to these documents without the accord of the White House. The families of the victims do not seem to be satisfied by such an agreement as they feel it is too favourable to the White House (‘What did Bush know before 9/11 attacks ?’, By TIM HARPER from The Toronto Star, Friday 14 November 2003 ; ‘9/11 families critical of document access deal’, by Laurence Arnold from Associated Press, Friday 14 November 2003 in L’Idiot) ;

• Swiss writer Richard Labevière supports in his latest investigation (‘Les Coulisses De La Terreur’, Grasset Et Fasquelle, 2003) that the CIA and Ben Laden were at the point of reaching a non-agression agreement a couple of weeks before the September 11th terrorist attacks. A CIA representative in Dubai allegedly met Ben Laden on July 12th, while he was under medical treatment at the American Hospital, in order to negotiate such an agreement (‘CIA rejects claim it sought Osama deal before 9/11’, Reuters, Friday14 November 2003 in the L’Idiot ; ‘CIA sought deal with Osama’, Hi Pakistan, Monday 17 November 2003 in L’Idiot) ;

• A federal American judge has abandoned the court cases against two eminent members of the Saudi regime under the pretext that the American courts did not have jurisdiction to judge them. The two individuals involved are the former president of the Saudi secret service and the Minister of Defense. The court cases were commenced at the demand of the families of the victims (‘US drops 9/11 suit against Saudis’, Aljazeera -Qatar-, Monday 17 November 2003) ;

• In response to the refusal by Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City, to communicate to the Commission the documents requested by the Commission’s president, the Commission is threatening to obtain a court subpoena in order to force disclosure (« 9/11 panel subpoenas New York City », by Shaun Waterman from United Press International -US-, Saturday 22 November 2003 in L’Idiot).

December 23rd, 2003, by L’Idiot du Village

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